Free Integrative Health Seminar Wednesday July 9

Our Mindful Moves
Our Mindful Moves  Download PDF 

Free Facilitator Training Seminar for ‘Our Mindful Moves’

Health Coaches, Mind-body Instructors. support group leaders, fitness trainers and patient advocates. Teach your clients to manage stress, fortify connective tissues, build bone vitality, gain real health benefits. Learn to conduct 30 min sessions of graceful movement, rhythmic breathing, smiling awareness. Silken Strength spiral moves alleviate arthritis promote lymph flow Osteotap Gentle and Brisk sequences alleviate osteoporosis

6 - 8 PM Yoga Room, Malibu Fitness, 15 Executive Drive, Farmington.

Please register ahead: Call 860-578-2465 leave contact information


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