Ladies’ Party of ‘Fore’

Five Easy Clinics for Women

Farmington Woods Golf Course

127 West Avon Road

5:00-6:30pm – Group Lessons - $99.00

June 25th, July 2nd, July 9th, July 16th, July 23rd


Our General Manager recently boasted, “Farmington Woods offers unique services, programs and opportunities for women golfers.”   To find out what these were, I stopped into the Clubhouse last Wednesday where, following their morning of playing, the Ladies’ 9-Holers and the Ladies’ 18-Holers were enjoying lunch and the gorgeous vista on the outdoor patio.  The women were eager to explain.  

“My husband and I have lived here for 25 years”, said Terry McNamara.   “We chose this community because of the Club.  And we chose this Golf Club because even at that time, they were innovators and did not discriminate with less favorable hours for the women players”.

The private, non-equity Golf Club is open to Farmington Woods residents and non-residents alike.    “I live more than half an hour away.  There’s even a golf course within walking distance of my house”, said Elaine Truskoski.  “But it’s worth it to drive to Farmington Woods.  I actually left my last Club because they wouldn’t let women have early hours on a Saturday morning.  Can you believe that?  Farmington Woods is accepting and welcoming to women. The camaraderie here is infectious whether you’re a scratch golfer or have a 40 handicap.”

“I belonged to another club for 20 years,” said Carol Doeg.  “The women got into cliques and only wanted to play each other.  There was no way for me to expand my circle of friends or to challenge my game skills.  Then I joined Farmington Woods about six years ago and from the very beginning they set me up with groups of players who soon became friends both on and off the course.”  

The women’s groups inspire a lifetime enthusiasm and loyalty.  Two members are still playing in their 90’s (that’s their age, not their scores)!  Ruth Becker, who is 91, said, “I just love playing with all these young girls.  We have a great time together.”  

Aside from being a beautifully maintained championship course, accessibility was a big benefit.   “We can play every day,” enthused McNamara, who has won the Club Women’s championship innumerable times.  “Even if there is an event planned for the day, the Pro Shop will still work us in if there is an opening.”

Where does a woman go if she wants to take up golf, but has never played?    This question was greeted with a chorus of: “Not to worry!”   This year the club is offering several well-priced specials of 5-week Clinics for Women, which will give a beginner enough confidence to get out on the course.

Farmington Woods also features The PGA Family Course Program that turns the regulation golf course into a “short course” using Tee Markers that are set at shorter yardages, well in front of the tee boxes.  This allows the beginner golfer to reach greens within regulation, shoot lower scores, and play in less time.   Most importantly, it allows them to have fun right away.

“I was only a novice when I joined”, said Peg Watson, who is now President of the 9-Hole League.   “I was a little intimidated to even join the Club and didn’t want to slow down the more experienced players.   But the women were so welcoming and encouraging, that I have been actively involved in it ever since.  You’ll be amazed at how fast you can progress in this environment.”

Farmington Woods is a gated, full-amenity community of over 1,000 condominiums in Farmington and Avon, positioned around a Championship Golf Course and Clubhouse.  Membership in the Golf Club and the Banquet facilities are open to the public.  For more information, go to their website at farmingtonwoods.com.


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