Why runners should be rowers?

Why runners should be rowers?
  • Rowing machines: When you learn how to do it right it lights up weaknesses you didn't know you had.
  • Rowing helps runners and cyclists find power in muscles they hadn't used before
  • One of the chief benefits rowing offers runners is improved posture
  • Proper rowing helps runners develop robust midline stability to help shift running from smaller, weaker muscles such as hip flexors to more powerful muscles in the hips.
  • Properly performed rowing gives a runner a solid blast of cardio work, works the abs, core and lower back, and even develops flexibility in the hamstrings and calves.
  • Rowing machines allow runners to do a non-impact form of endurance training
  • Cross-training during noncompetitive periods in the year and during recovery blocks throughout the season helps runners stay injury free and mentally fresh. 
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Where can you start? Power 10 Indoor Rowing Center in Avon runs a rowing studio for athletes in training and for all levels of fitness.  Power 10 has a staff of certified experienced rowing coaches leading each indoor rowing class that will provide a heart pumping and calorie burning workout in a fun group fitness environment.  
Sign up for an introductory class www.row-indoors.com


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