Connecticut Deemed Worst State for Retirees [POLL]

A colder climate and a high cost of living were just two of the criteria used by the TopRetirements website in naming Connecticut the worst state in which to retire this year.

When the TopRetirements website compiled the criteria for the top 10 worst states to retire in 2012, two states were actually tied for the number one spot: Connecticut and Illinois.

"Connecticut won the tie-breaker because it has much higher property taxes, income taxes and cost of living than Illinois," according to the TopRetirements website.

The announcement of the top 10 worst states in which to retire notes the following information for readers:

  • The list's purpose is to help baby boomers find places where they can enjoy their retirement without incurring more problems.
  • Each retirement is unique. If being near family is important, then one of the worst states to retire according to the site's criteria may be one of the best states to retire, when family is factored into the equation.

The Top 10 Worst Places to Retire (according to TopRetirements)

  1. Connecticut
  2. Illinois
  3. Rhode Island
  4. Vermont
  5. Massachusetts
  6. New Jersey
  7. Minnesota
  8. New York
  9. Maine
  10. Wisconsin

The Top Weighting Criteria Used

In 2011, Connecticut made the list too, but at number nine. The top weighted criteria used in 2011 was fiscal health, taxation and climate.

The criteria used to determine quality of retired life in 2012 were fiscal health, property taxes, income taxes, cost of living and climate.

A more detailed page on why Connecticut was chosen as the number one worst state to retire goes through the criteria in detail.


"Connecticut's manufacturing base has been seriously eroded and the state struggles to make ends meet," the TopRetirements website stated. "Still, inflation-adjusted 2007 per capita income of over $35,295 is the highest of any state."

Median home values in Connecticut differ depending on the area, the site noted. In Greenwich, for example, a starter home may cost $1 million. In the Hartford area, the third quarter 2011 median price was $232,900.

The national median is reportedly $169,500, according to TopRetirements.

"At 133, the cost of living is well above the national average of 100," the website noted.


"Connecticut is one of the highest taxed states in the country in spite of a wealthy population and significant revenues from the state's Indian casinos," the TopRetirements website stated. "In 2009, the state had the third highest state/local tax burden of any state."

The site also notes that in Connecticut, social security income is exempt on couples whose adjusted gross income is $60,000 or less and partially exempt when above $60,000.

The TopRetirements site lists towns in Connecticut that it has deemed welcoming to active adults, mainly due to the presence of active adult communities.

  • Avon
  • Madison
  • Mystic
  • Newington area
  • Niantic
  • Old Saybrook
  • Oxford
  • Pomfret
  • Sharon
  • Southbury
  • Stonington
  • Wallingford area
  • Washington
  • Willimantic

Readers, do you agree with the findings of the TopRetirements site? If you've chosen Connecticut as your retirement spot, why did you choose it?

Michael Poulin January 19, 2012 at 07:50 PM
JIM G, you don't like the poll results something like 114 AGREE - CT is no place to be a resident if retired & 7 think it's OK. I believe you posted "When you drive out the rest of the community, you won't have enough of a tax base to support anything Bring in seniors" WOW, I could post for an hour. I have been told "lets keep it simple stupid" (my dad I think). There is room for all and as someone else noted the healthies areas have the best mix. CT & ILLINOIS ARE LAST in this poll, MY GOODNESS OVERTAXED BLUE STATES, I DON'T BELIEVE IT. Cities and towns with dense senior populations do quite well in all facets of life. Areas with only the young & middle class have imense problems. I also don't want outsiders with no interest in our state to just move in (I doubt they would) and suck us dry with all their elderly needs. Lets court all the illegals (New Haven comes to mind) the young with large families and all others with needs. That solves everything - WRONG.
North Tolland January 19, 2012 at 09:02 PM
I agree with most of Jim G's sentiment. I lived in Arizona for quite a few years and one thing I noticed there was terrible funding for schools. The retirees, not having any children in the schools and often originating in another state, were very demanding that their taxes be very low. They voted in large numbers and would run out just about anyone who had a tax plan that did more than keep the lights on. As a result the schools suffered quite a bit.
Michael Poulin January 19, 2012 at 11:34 PM
Michael Poulin January 19, 2012 at 11:49 PM
Sorry, computer glich really messed up my last post. I was trying to say that I have many friends in AZ and they are upset about education costs. They do not want their tax dollars used to pay for the education of thousands of children brought here by their illegal parents, remember AZ has an enormous border. As Jim G and Robert point out a complex topic with no 1 line answer.
C. Alexander January 23, 2012 at 12:12 AM
Right on Jim G! Well said. True about the right.We had 8 years of Republican leadership, 2 wars and a couple of tax cuts while those wars were going on. Thats like taking a pay cut, but buying a bigger house at the same time. It makes absolutely no economic sense whatsoever and is directly related to the size of our national debt. At the end of the Bush years, we had the economic bailout all packaged up for President Obama as he entered office in 2009. Talk about being handed a crap sandwich! These same people who had no problem with Bush's spending went berzerk about the debt when a progressive came into office... I think they call these people "tea partiers". They never noticed the mountain of debt until Obama got elected. Now, according to them, it's all his fault. It's total hogwash but I have to listen to this idiocy constantly, and presenting these people with facts doesn't ever help. The Republicans want someone like Reagan... I say amen to that... we'd have to significantly raise the tax rates to be at the level they were at under Reagan. The income tax rates nationally are at the lowest level they've been in 50 years yet we continually hear whining about taxes. People don't want a large national debt, but that debt will only be increased with additional tax cuts. They will always jump on the bandwagon for the tax cuts and then complain about the national debt, as if they see no correlation between the two.(I can only assume they don't)


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