Farmington Interfaith Activist to Speak at Local Muslim Group's Youth Event

Farmington High School graduate Aamir Hussain is the featured speaker at the Farmington Valley American Muslim Center event.

A Farmington High School graduate and Georgetown University student who blogs on The Huffington Post will speak at a youth event Saturday night at Avon's new interfaith center.

Aamir Hussain graduated from Farmington High School in 2010 and will graduate from Georgtown this year. Next year, he plans to go to medical school in Chicago.

"When he was a student at FHS Aamir successfully lobbied the administration for the first Multicultural celebration," Noora Brown, of the Farmington Valley American Muslim Center hosting the event, wrote to Patch in an email.

Hussain will address the public about the programs he's started during his involvement with Georgetown's Interfaith Youth Core.

As president of Georgtown's Interfaith Council, he "works on the White House Interfaith Service Challenge, and facilitates cooperation between Georgetown's Campus Ministry, the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs, and student organizations," according to his Huffington Post profile.

 Hussain is majoring in government, minoring in theology and concentrating in pre-medical studies, according to his bio. He identifies as a Muslim with "Indian background" and speaks three other languages, Spanish, Portuguese and Hindi-Urdu, his bio states.

Hussain also works as an EMT-B for Georgetown Emergency Response Medical Service and was a "Millennial Values Fellow" in 2012 as part of Berkley Center's "project on young Americans, faith, and values," according to his bio.

In the fall of 2013, the Farmington Valley American Muslim Center moved into the former Christ Episcopal Church that closed on Harris Road in Avon. The group opened the center with a hope of not only providing worship services for American Muslims in the region, but also to form bonds between people of different religions.

The event will be held at the center and go from 5:30 to 8 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 4 on 35 Harris Road. Pizza and refreshments will be served.

Marlin Williams January 04, 2014 at 11:11 AM
Since when do Muslims care about other religions? For anyone who cares to look, there are examples of their concern right now, in Central African Republic, SSudan, Syria, and in Egypt, where Catholic Nuns are being dragged from convents and beaten to death on the street. In the past few months there have been bombed churches in Afghanistan, Indonesia, and Malaysia. A century thses actions would prompt Kings, Prime Ministers and Presidents in the Christian West to mobilize armies to protect Christians and Christian Sites. 50 years ago at least they would have registered some sort of protest. What can we expect now from a country whose president has the middle name of Hussein? Probably not much. --Marlin Williams
Marlin Williams January 04, 2014 at 11:20 AM
England is full up with little protestant chapels which have been converted into Mosques. Apparently its happening here now too. Does anyone know of any churches on the Arabian Peninsula, in Central Asia, North or Central Africa, the middle east or anywhere on earth being converted into churches? No? This seems like a one way proposition to me. how about you? When can we expect Shariah Law to be imposed? Marlin Williams


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