Upload Your Hurricane Sandy Photos and Videos Here

Put safety first, but this is your place for any photos of the weather, activity at the emergency shelter, preparing your home for the storm, storm-related signs, et cetera.

Everyone will see something different looking out at the storm-ridden sky as Hurricane Sandy builds.

But imagine how much more you'd be able to see from multiple pairs of eyes.

That's where Patch comes in.

Upload your photos and videos to this gallery to share what you're seeing with your fellow Avon residents as the storm progresses.

Are you sticking your camera out the window to video the wind or photograph the dark sky?

Is there someone playing guitar at the emergency shelter while others read and play cards?

Did a local gas station just get another shipment or did a store restock on water and batteries?

Are people taking political signs inside or putting interesting storm-related signs on their business windows?

Is your cat curling up in your extra pile of blankets set aside for the storm?

If it gets to the point that trees have fallen and roads are closed and you have a photo, that could alo help inform your neighbors about the streets to avoid.

Those are all ideas for what could make great photos and we'd love to see them if you've got them!

If you have questions, email Avon Patch Local Editor Jessie Sawyer at Jessie.Sawyer@patch.com.


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