Farmington Library Will Host International Children’s Art Exhibition

Exhibit will be on display at main branch in March and April.

In celebration of the Children and Youth of the Town of Farmington, the Farmington Public Library is honored to host the International Children’s Art Exhibition Flower of Your Region during the month of March and April of 2012. This exhibit is on loan to the Library through the Fermata Arts Foundation, a non profit organization in Avon, Connecticut (www.fermata-arts.org), courtesy of the Balvi Arts School in Latvia .

More than 120 drawings featured in the exhibit comprise the winning entries from a drawing contest entitled “The Diverse World: Flower’s Beauty” organize by the Balvi Arts School in 2010. Over 1,000 Children of all ages from ten countries, including students from the Matignon High School in Cambridge, Mass. participated in contest. The other countries represented are Bangladesh, China, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Philippines, and Russia.

The overall mission of the Fermata Arts Foundation is to aid in the preservation of Peace through mutual respect, understanding and cooperation. The model for achieving this is through the synthesis of art, architecture, philosophy and poetry. The cooperation exists to promote and encourage true intercultural dialogue between countries, through which the representatives of different countries can discover shared values and spiritual commonality.

Submitted by the Farmington Library.


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