A Before and After Look at Upgrades to Farmington Public Schools

Many of the schools were repaired and upgraded over the summer.

A before and after look at the switch from carpeting to tiling at Noah Wallace's cafeteria. Photo Credit: Farmington Public Schools
A before and after look at the switch from carpeting to tiling at Noah Wallace's cafeteria. Photo Credit: Farmington Public Schools
Many repairs and upgrades were made at Farmington public schools over the summer from new windows, sinks and flooring to new archways cork boards, stairs and doors.

Each head custodian is proud of their building and the work they had to put into the building to maintaining them," Charles Zettergren, Farmington's new school business administrator, said at Tuesday's school board meeting. “A lot of the school buildings are old, but I was surprised how well kept they were.”

Peruse the above gallery to see some of the upgrades to your kids' schools, including before and after shots. 

pamela morrison-wolf September 13, 2013 at 05:21 PM
Stop Dunning from adding garbage to its composting efforts on Brickyard Road. Attend the TPZ meeting Monday, 9/16, at 7:30pm at Town Hall. Stop unsafe increase in truck traffic and entry across from the Rails-to-Trails entrance.
Benjamin Dunning September 14, 2013 at 06:20 PM
Pamela, I encourage you and everyone else to attend the TPZ meeting on Monday regarding my proposed organic recycling program. I would ask that you please keep an open mind and listen to my proposal before judging it. There will be no entry and exit across from the rails to trails entrance. That entrance was asked to be placed there by the town for fire access and I am planning to request that that entrance be removed and natural planting be re planted. I also do not consider the materials that I am trying to compost to be classified as garbage. I consider them a food residual resource. Far too much of our natural resources are driven long distances and then dumped into a landfill and lost forever or sent to an incinerator. Both of these methods are not sustainable and lead to increased carbon emissions. Many other states including California, Oregon, Washington, Maine, Vermont, etc are very progressive about diverting valuable organic materials from landfills and turning them into rich organic materials to re-used back into soils to help sustain agriculture. I whole heartily believe in what I am trying to do here and I definitely do not want to be a nuisance to anyone in the neighborhood. I am going to incorporate local schools and universities to use this as a learning opportunity to teach students about the benefits of organic composting vs Landfills. My family has been doing business in Farmington since 1917 and I pride myself on running a good clean operation. I am very open and approachable to anyone who would like more information or a personal tour of the operation to learn more. Again I encourage everyone to go to the meeting and listen to what I have to say and I what I believe in. Thank you for your consideration and time. Sincerely, Benjamin Dunning


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