Hartford Courant's Simsbury Reporter Resigns Amid Plagiarism Investigation

A Hartford Courant reporter who covered Simsbury has resigned after the publication found evidence of plagiarism.

A reporter who covered the town of Simsbury for the Hartford Courant has resigned amid a plagiarism investigation at the local newspaper.

According to a statement published in the front section of the Courant's Thursday, Nov. 1 edition  two recent stories published by reporter Hillary Federico "contained words or phrases that appeared in other publications."

Federico, a 2010 Quinnipiac University graduate, was most recently working as a reporter for the Courant covering the towns of Simsbury and Farmington. Federico first began working at the Courant in 2011 as a breaking news reporter. Before that she was a town reporter for the Middletown Press, according to a professional profile on LinkedIn.

Federico was also the recipient of three journalism awards for work she did in 2011.

The two recent instances of plagiarism were discovered during an ongoing investigation by Courant staff that was initiated after a similar issue was identified in an unpublished story as it was being reviewed before publication, according to the Hartford Courant.

An Aug. 24 story published in the Courant contained words or phrases taken from an article written by Brad Mead which was published in its entirety on Simsbury Patch.

The other article appeared in the Courant's print edition on March 16. The Hartford Courant statement did not specify how the investigation began.

"When we discover problems we take immediate action to correct them, and strong action to prevent them from happening again," the statement said.

Federico resigned from her position during the investigation, according to the statement.

nicola lightner November 05, 2012 at 09:01 PM
What a sad way to start out on ones career.
Robert Kalechman November 06, 2012 at 04:42 AM
Hillary Federico the Simsbury reporter for the Courant is another victim of the political party system of Simsbury she steped out of line with the Ist Selectman of Simsbury and the party which was telling her what to report and when to report it she stay away from reporting what is reaily going on and did not report what was going on in the back rooms of Simsbury Town Hall she reported what they wanted the such as the story she is charge with taken and adding her Name She did what they told her to do now they want her head what foolish people they are and they control Simsbury Good luck Ms Federico
Pat November 06, 2012 at 01:03 PM
Mr. Kalechman: You appear to be a businessman, but your writing says otherwise. Your posts would be much more well-received if you learned how to spell, punctuate, and not make your post just one run-on sentence of gibberish. Please! Proof before you post!
michael reddick November 06, 2012 at 01:26 PM
What are you talking about??? This had NOTHING to do with local politics. Hartford Courant article stated: Two stories by Hillary Federico that appeared in the Hartford Courant contained words or phrases that bear strong similarities to work that appeared in other publications. The similarities were found during an internal, ongoing review that began after a similar issue was identified in a recent, unpublished story as it was being prepared for publication. One of the published stories, about a local Boy Scout troop traveling to Mt. Kilimanjaro, appeared on page B6 August 24. The other was a profile of two quilters that appeared on page B2 March 16. Our readers can be confident that The Hartford Courant takes adherence to journalistic standards very seriously. When we discover problems we take immediate action to correct them, and strong action to prevent them from happening again. Hillary Federico has resigned from The Hartford Courant. This is clearly a case of plagiarism. Boy Scouts and quilters??? Nothing about local politics. She stole someone else's work.
Dorothy D Swenson November 07, 2012 at 03:36 AM
Even the best do it~~~Doris Goodwin, for example.


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