Q&A With Dr. Ryan Trimble of Union Eye Works

Dr. Trimble always wanted to open a practice close to home. He’s thrilled to be a part of the Unionville community.

Dr. Ryan Trimble of Union Eye Works is proud to be a business owner in Unionville.
Dr. Ryan Trimble of Union Eye Works is proud to be a business owner in Unionville.

Business Name: Union Eye Works

Contact Info: 860-255-7691, Dr.Trimble@UnionEyeWorks.com

Business Owner:  Dr. Ryan Trimble

Website: Union Eye Works

Address: 9 School St., Unionville, CT

How did you come up with the name?

We are located in my hometown of Unionville and wanted a name that reflected both were we are, and what we do.

Why choose that location? Why start a business in this town?

My family lives in Unionville and my son goes to Union School. I was looking to open a practice in our town since this area of Farmington and Burlington did not have any optometry offices and I have always wanted to practice close to home. I chose the office location since it is central to the area and already had good recognition, being located next to George's Pizza.

Briefly, what business are you in?

Primary eye care

What's been your favorite moment or proudest achievement since opening?

The proudest accomplishment any medical practice can have is to have patients refer their friends and family. It is wonderful to see that the patients have had such a good experience that they would recommend our office to their loved ones.

What's the most difficult moment or challenge you've faced as a business owner?

The biggest challenge has been raising awareness that there is a full-service eye care practice in Unionville and patients no longer need to drive to Avon or Bristol to have their eyes examined.

Were there any challenges that made you second guess your decision to be an entrepreneur?

Opening a new office is always challenging, but I have prior experience in opening and managing optometry offices so I was confident in the success of this location.

What's the most innovative idea your employees or customers have had that you put into practice?

Tech-savvy patients are always sharing new ideas that have allowed our practice to interface with their mobile devices, from selecting frames and ordering contact lenses to receiving appointment reminders.

How do you deal with difficult customers?

It is important to find out what has caused the patient's dissatisfaction, and once that is known, often addressing the problem is relatively easy. The key in an optometric practice is to listen the the patient's complaint and give the patient options in making things right.

How does your business give back or get involved in the community?

We are involved in a great number of community organizations through donations, sponsorships and volunteering. Our office also won the prize for the most trash collected at last year's Farmington Clean-Up Day!

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