cloverNINE green building, LLC is pleased to announce it now creates pole fitness environments in homes, offices and studios where its clients may engage in an inner-most expression of heart, soul and spirit. Pole fitness is a new form of exercise that is not only a highly enjoyable and great way to get in shape, but also a most effective way to build self-confidence and self-esteem. It is the ultimate workout.

Building a pole fitness environment anywhere, cloverNINE green building assists customers in creating a complete workout space where one can improve one’s shape, muscle power and endurance. Proper installation by a qualified professional is essential for a fulfilling experience.  Pole fitness is taught at gyms and dance schools. However, learning pole techniques goes quicker when you have a fitness pole at home.

Jen Brown, owner of Bikram Yoga Middletown, suggests, “There are many reasons to try pole fitness or pole dancing. It is a fun and challenging workout. You can use and work every muscle in your body on the pole. And yes, it is an aerobic workout, too! With a pole installed in your private space you can skip the gym scene and really workout privately.”

A pole fitness workout is suitable for anybody who wants to become stronger, more toned, and more flexible, but also desires either a private or sociable and fun workout. The workout is accessible for everyone, fit or not fit.

 “Customers can discover their own unique pole identity accentuating style, technique and sass. We co-create with the customer an energetically-balanced approach to enhancing the customer’s living space. It makes a great gift to oneself or as a holiday gift,” stated John Powers, owner of cloverNINE green building owner in West Hartford, CT.

A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in drama, Mr. Powers is a theater production specialist who has created living, lighting and sound systems throughout the nation for over 24 years. cloverNINE green building, LLC is a full service remodeling company which provides design and construction services in the Greater Hartford area and is fully licensed and insured. The company takes an approach of respect for all resources incorporated in remodeling projects.

Learn more about cloverNINE green building, LLC and take the next step in developing your pole fitness environment by visiting their new website at www.cloverninegb.wix.com/john or by calling (860) 965-1746.


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