Energy Efficiency Panel Presentation: Save Your Business Operating Costs

Make Your Capital Improvements Happen With State Initiatives
Make Your Capital Improvements Happen With State Initiatives

New Horizons Village is partnering with Farmington Chamber of Commerce, Farmington Gardens, & the Town of Farmington Economic Development Commission, to host a panel presentation on energy efficiency, getting your project rolling, & financing your project with the savings. Join us February 27th at 5:30 p.m. to learn how your BUSINESS can implement long sought after energy savings upgrades with assistance from a number of state programs and initiatives.  Our non-profit is finally able to upgrade outdated infrastructure, and with grants and incentives programs, and we’re able to find a workable financing solution under the CEFIA C_PACE program. Now is the best time!  

World Energy will review the energy audit completed at New Horizons, the priority list, & the cooperative negotiations process with both CNG and CL&P that resulted in extensive financial incentive. There will be information on energy efficiency upgrades financing and non-profit grant opportunities.   CL&P, CNG, CHEFA, and CEFIA on C-PACE will also be presenting. The Town of Farmington will be highlighting their capital project process as a model for business owners in the area. This event is sponsored by Farmington Bank. Please join us here at New Horizons, 37 Bliss Memorial Dr, Unionville, CT 5:30p.m. February 27, 2014 to see what savings you too may be able to realize. Details available on our website http://www.newhorizonsinc.org/events--sports.html


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