Two East Coast Fee-Only Financial Planning Firms Join Forces: SAGE Advisory Group and BroadView Financial Planning

SageBroadview Financial Planning LLC
SageBroadview Financial Planning LLC

Two independent East Coast financial advisory firms are demonstrating how to optimize their varied experiences and shared values by merging their firms into one to better serve their clients. Effective January 1, 2014, SAGE Advisory Group, LLC of Morristown, NJ and BroadView Financial Planning of Farmington, CT are SageBroadview Financial Planning, LLC, a lasting financial planning firm for serving generations of families for a lifetime … and beyond.

Co-principals of the new firm are Sheri Iannetta Cupo, CFP®, who was founding principal for SAGE; and Larry Annello, CPA/PFS, CFP®, who was managing director for BroadView.  Annello also remains a partner at the accounting firm of Del Conte, Hyde, Annello & Schuch, P.C. (DHAS). The pair met at a 2004 financial planning conference, where they found rich ground for collaboration. Shortly after, they began sharing select services and staff as a way to cost-effectively strengthen client care at both firms.

Annello comments, “After ‘dating’ for nearly a decade, we decided it was a good time to officially ‘get married,’ building on our strong, existing relationship.” Cupo adds, “As we come together in a spirit of respect, camaraderie and thoughtful collaboration, the possibilities seem endless – for us, our staff and, most importantly, our clients.”

Cupo brings a sage business woman’s perspective and fee-only planning to corporate executives and their families, particularly those with complex executive compensation packages. Annello specializes in broad, fee-only planning for closely held business owners and their families, augmented by tax and accounting services through DHAS. Together, they offer far-reaching financial life planning and investment management services for busy professionals - corporate executives, small business owners and their families - throughout their careers and into retirement. The firm specializes in a passive investment management strategy primarily using Dimensional Fund Advisor solutions.

About SageBroadview Financial Planning, LLC
SageBroadview Financial Planning was founded in January 2014 as a merging of SAGE Advisory Group, LLC of Morristown, NJ and BroadView Financial Planning of Farmington, CT. The firm maintains offices in Farmington and Morristown, providing far-reaching financial services to busy professionals - corporate executives & managers, medical professionals, attorneys, small business owners and their families — who are in accelerated accumulation or have successfully transitioned into the early retirement stages of their careers - throughout NJ, NY, CT, MA, NH, FL, NC and PA.  Additional information is available at www.sagebroadview.com.


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