Lost Dog, Please Help [Updated Search Info]

Small dog went missing from Unionville Thursday.

Here's an update on the search from Saturday:

Back at it today: We've got to find this sweet dog for my kids. I need bodies.
I'm going with a systematic approach. I will have a map of the search area broken down into sections on my back porch at 4 Mountain Road, along with stacks of fliers, by 8:30 this morning. I need as many people as possible to come by and pick up a stack of fliers, and make a note of which section on the map they are taking, so we fan out well. I'll appreciate a half hour, or all day - whatever you've got.

I will also leave a place for you to write your cell phone, so if we have any sightings, we can get that info quickly and converge on her.

Please bring tape to post fliers, but also hand them out, stuff mailboxes, etc.
If you are a dog owner and have any, bring treats. I'll leave the odds and ends of treats I have on my porch for people to grab a few.

Sass is scared, but by now hopefully hungry. She will bolt if approached too aggressively, so gentle and with food is the way to go. She is a bit more comfortable with women than men, if you have a mixed gender search group and happen to see her.

If you have or can create any kind of Farmington email list to send her pic and a plea for help, please, please spread the word. Feel free to forward this email.  If you're a FB user, please post. If you have a local Twitter following, please Tweet and ask for Re-Tweets. (Can't believe I just used those words...)

Original story:

This adorable little dog, Sass, went missing yesterday. She was spotted several times, most recently at 1 a.m. behind the Citgo station on Route 4.

The owner has been out all night searching and has posted flyers all over.

If you see her, please call Amy at 860-949-1666.


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