Retreat Center Presents Talk on Spiritual Resources

Father Vincent Youngberg, CP to speak at Our Lady of Calvary Retreat Center.

, located at 31 Colton St. in Farmington, presents “Surfacing Hidden Resources” – an Evening for Women on Monday, April 30 and an Evening for Men on Thursday, May 3.  Both programs are presented by Father Vincent Youngberg, CP and run from 6-9 pm, including dinner.  God has gifted us with all the resources we need to grow in faith, if we but cooperate with His design for us, His chosen and blessed ones. Our families, our friends, our community, our church needs strength in these confusing times. This Scripture reflection will help you chart your spiritual course for a life of true discipleship as Fr. Vincent, a seasoned Passionist preacher, has done for thousands of other hope-filled servants of God.

Father Vincent Youngberg, CP entered the Passionist Congregation in 1959 and was ordained to the priesthood in 1967. He received a Masters’ Degree in Human Development in 1976. Since ordination, Fr. Youngberg has conducted missions and retreats in the United States and around the world, including Europe, Africa, the Philippines, and the West Indies.           

A $20 offering is requested for both programs.  Advance registration is appreciated.  For more information, please call the Retreat Center at (860) 677-8519, or visit their website at www.ourladyofcalvary.com.


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