Somersby Way Home Sells for $1,064,125

Property transfers in Farmington for the week of Sept. 10-14

36 Strawfield Road from Sanjeev Bahl and Sarin Supriya to Chandan Shyam and Neena K Pusnani for $505,000 on Sept. 10.

138 Somersby Way from 328 Meadow LLC to Christopher and Angela Smith for $1,064,125 on Sept. 11.

18 Silversmith Road from Dorothy Benoit to Nicholas Zappone Jr. for $260,000 on Sept. 11. 

8 Banbury Crescent from Colbert and Hinman Associates to Philip Spagnola for $900,000 on Sept. 13.

50 Nottingham Boulevard from JFC Endeavors Inc to Andrea and Jason Eselunas for $562,481 on Sept. 14.


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