Are You Ready to Open the Doors of Your Past Life Memories?

What if you could address and resolve issues from a past lifetime that are affecting your behavior and well-being in this life? Join us for an evening of past life regression meditation and discover the answer.

Past life regression is based on the theory that we carry the experiences and lessons learned from one life to the next. The unconscious mind harbors the memories of many past lives and almost everyone can recall a past-life memory. For some people, the recollection is slow and careful, while for... others, information flows effortlessly. Some individuals see memories, some feel them and some hear an inner voice which may stimulate their memory.

The meditation is very simple, relaxing and non-threatening. You are always in control and can choose to opt out at any time, simply by opening your eyes. Many people have a vivid experience the first time, while others will get some impressions, such as images, thoughts or feelings, which may lead to a fuller past-life experience in the future.

“The benefits of regression therapy extend far beyond the clearing of symptoms. Often, the result is healing at all levels."...
Mirrors of Time, Dr. Brian Weiss
Please bring a yoga mat, blanket and pillow if you prefer to lie down for the meditation.

Monday, September 9, 2013
101 River Road, Canton CT
Investment: $20

For more info or to register please contact Barb:
Email panacea_healing@yahoo.com
Phone 860-294-1296


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