Letter: Bring Traffic Solutions to Referendum

Burnham Ave. residents would like to see viable solutions brought before residents.

On the evening of March 8th, we attended the Unionville Traffic Committee open presentation on the proposed alternatives for resolving the New Britain Avenue / South Main Street intersection traffic issue. 

First, we want to acknowledge the efforts of the Unionville Traffic Committee.  We applaud the efforts of the commission.  We appreciate their dedication and commitment to solving the numerous issues with the New Britain Avenue / South Main Street traffic.  It is apparent that very thoughtful consideration was given to all the issues and options. 

Secondly, we commend John and Charlie for their commitment and courage to address this very challenging issue head on.  This is clearly an emotion packed issue and one that brought out the passion in numerous meeting participants.

We admired their ability to maintain their composure and keep the meeting under control.  John and Charlie did an excellent job presenting all proposed solutions and soliciting comments and additional suggestions.  They were completely engaged in the discussion and genuinely open to all suggestions.  This is a tough job and we feel their efforts are undervalued by some residents.  

Personally, we appreciated hearing a review of all proposed solutions.  This is an issue of such magnitude that is not limited to residents of Unionville. We whole heartedly support the suggestion raised by one meeting participant that this decision should not rest with Town Council, but should be put to referendum vote.  We urge that all proposed alternatives (1 through 6 from the meeting presentation) be reviewed with the State of Connecticut.   And that all alternatives deemed viable by the State be presented as a referendum vote where all Farmington residents can weigh in on all the proposed solutions for the New Britain Avenue / South Main Street intersection traffic issue.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of this suggestion for a referendum.  We look forward to a satisfactory resolution to this issue as agreed upon by all the residents of Farmington.


Ken & Diane Sylvester
22 Burnham Avenue
Unionville, CT  06085


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