Putting Money Back in People’s Pockets is Priceless

United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut and The Village for Families & Children are currently recruiting volunteers to assist families in getting the tax refunds and credits they’ve earned. The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program provides the opportunity for working individuals and families earning up to $50,000 annually to get ahead financially, pay down debt and work toward saving for the future.

After receiving training, IRS-certified volunteers interact one-on-one with clients to prepare and electronically file state and federal income tax forms at no charge. They also ensure that taxpayers claim the proper tax credits and refunds, including the state and federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), a tax credit available to lower-to-moderate wage-earning families. Volunteer commitment is a four-hour session, once per week, from mid-January to mid-April. Bilingual candidates are encouraged.

“Last season, more than 250 dedicated volunteers committed nearly 10,000 hours to the campaign. In 2014 we want to reach our goal of 300 volunteers,” said Michael Goldbas of Deloitte, United Way Community Engagement Committee chairman and member of United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut’s Board of Directors. “Last year 9,400 taxpayers were assisted at United Way-supported sites. The result was $26.4 million in refunds and creditsOnce again our community is coming together this year to provide this critical opportunity for families walking a financial tightrope.”

United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut has been involved with VITA for more than 10 years as part of its commitment to help families become financially secure. United Way and its partners support 30 VITA sites through collaborations with community-based organizations in Hartford, Enfield, Manchester, New Britain and the Windham region.

2014 VITA partners include: Bank of America; City of Hartford/Opportunities Hartford Initiative; Community Accounting Aid and Services; Hartford Foundation for Public Giving; Human Resources Agency of New Britain; Internal Revenue Service; United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut; United Way of Connecticut/2-1-1; The Village for Families & Children; Walmart Foundation; and, Webster Bank.

To learn more about the roles and responsibilities, and become a volunteer, visit unitedwayinc.org/vitavolunteer.
Paul Chotkowski December 23, 2013 at 10:29 PM
Ms Helbling at the risk of being called a mean conservative, one who hates poor people, please allow me to point out that words have meanings. Consider using them properly rather than in furtherance of your Progressive Collectivist agenda. Because of the redistributive policies of Governor Mao Loy and his merry band of coercive thugs in the CGA, a family may be “eligible” for CT’s Earned Income Tax Credit but they certainly did not EARN IT. Yes they earned the wages the EITC was based on; however, they did not EARN the charity that was added to their refund. Taking money from Makers by force of law and giving it to Takers [when it was done freely it was called charity and the poor were called the poor not the ENTITLED - but I digress] may be necessary to achieve the radical egalitarian society that you long for but please don’t lie [oops again should have said misspeak]. There is no moral or linguistic equivalence between a citizen who earns as a result of their labor, industry, or investments and a citizen [or not as the case maybe] who accepts charity from the government. Shame on you for missrepresent the charity given in the form of the EITC as having been “earned” by those receiving it! You insult every working citizen who actually earned the money and paid the taxes that the government so generously gave away!


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