See the sparks between Himes and Bob MacGuffie!

Bob told the absolute TRUTH on Sunday at a town hall meeting at the Darien library, while Jim Himes was doing his little tap dance, trying not to alienate either his mostly anti-war audience or his fellow hypocritical party leaders (Pelosi and Potus).

Himes not only brings his staff members to protect him at town hall meetings, but a cadre of leftist drone rabble who gladly jeer on cue at anyone who asks a difficult question, to make him ACCOUNTABLE for his votes and disastrous actions!!  Shameful and lame, for someone who was elected by and is PAID by "we the PEOPLE" to actually represent us, rather than his favored PP, Union and Corporate CRONIES, such as the banks and Wall St.!!


There is also a good article about the meeting on Darien Patch.


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