Burglar Knocked on Doors Before Stealing from Farmington Homes

Farmington police arrested a Plantsville man Friday as he ran from a Gail Road home.

George Michael Kline (Credit: Farmington Police Department)
George Michael Kline (Credit: Farmington Police Department)
Farmington police arrested a suspected burglar Friday who acknowledged he knocked on people's doors and entered if no one answered.

George Michael Kline, 58, told police that if someone answered the door, he told a story about looking for his fictitious painting crew before moving on to another home, according to a Farmington Police Department news release.

This scenario played out around 3 p.m. on July 4, when a Terrie Road resident called the police after the suspect knocked on the door and said he was looking for his painting crew. 

The resident gave police a description of the man and his vehicle, and police found Kline's unoccupied vehicle in front of a home on Gail Road, near Terrie Road, according to the news release.

An officer saw the back door of the home was open, and the suspect came out and ran through the woods away from Farmington officers.

Kline, of 745 Main Street, Plantsville, was caught and arrested with narcotics in his possession, according to the news release. He was interrupted by police before he could take anything from the Gail Road home.

He was held on $150,000 bond and is set to appear in court Monday in Hartford.


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