Chris Donovan Will Stay in 5th District Race

The Meriden Democrat held a press conference today to say he's pushing forward, despite the controversy surrounding his campaign.


State House Speaker has no intention of quitting his race for the 5th Congressional District, despite the mounting controversy surrounding the of his campaign finance director and an ongoing FBI probe into contributions to his campaign.

Donovan today met with the media to announce that his supporters want him to continue his campaign, according to a report in the Hartford Courant. He also said he did not know the FBI was investigating his campaign staff and that he has was unaware of questions involving possible influence peddling in his campaign.

It was Donovan's first public appearance since the arrest last week of Robert Braddock Jr., his campaign finance director, on federal charges that he sought to hide questionable campaign donations to Donovan. The investigation is continuing.

Paul Chotkowski June 11, 2012 at 03:59 PM
It is old wisdom but it still holds true, if it waddles like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, if it preens like a duck, and if it feeds like a duck, it may not be indictable as a duck if it is also the union(s) bought and paid for Progressive / Socialist politician, the “Honorable” Speaker, Chris Donovan! Go to http://www.fec.gov/disclosurehs/HSCandList.do and search Chris Donovan's public records for the period 05/19/2011 - 04/24/2012 [that’s just under a year]. There are 41 individual donors who “invested” $2,500 or more in Speaker Donovan’s [Democrat Meriden] campaign for the 5th District's seat in the US House of Representatives. That’s 41 large piles of duck food over 340 days [about one a week]. Now the Game Warden is trying to get you to believe that Mr. Duck and his friends did not know who the Pate-Eating donors were who set out these piles of duck food and that a new large pile of duck food [never mind several] added to the badelynge’s feeding list was not an event of note. Nor was it a reason to follow up with the new contributors and their well feathered friends in the hopes of finding more duck food. PLEASE how quacked do you think the voters are? The good news is that the campaign is not a remake of Duck Soup! If Donovan will not step down, please consider teaching him a lesson in the ethical treatment of the voting public that both PETA and Peking Duck aficionados around the world can agree on - don’t vote for him!
tina bourke June 11, 2012 at 09:44 PM
^Mr. Chotkowski, stop quacking! If the FBI is on it, it will come out. So far he is innocent until otherwise proven differently. I trust that the FBI know their job, don't you?
Saul Freedman June 11, 2012 at 10:53 PM
Chris said on Face the State this weekend that he doesn't even know how many people his campaign employs. Incompetence defined.
tina bourke June 11, 2012 at 11:28 PM
@Colleen, yea I think since we don't know we can do an owe me a soda kinda theory bet? Here is my theory: I think the FBI has to be sure that the GOP wasn't behind it? After all, it is an election year and this is one of the bluest states. Reminds me of another candidate who spent millions of dollars to bring down a democrat attorney general in the senate race. She only came up with less then a syllable sound bite, after all that research and millions of dollars of her own money spent. He went off to win and he is doing excellent! GOP undermining to bring down a good candidate? Do we even know why the FBI got involved to begin with?
Paul Chotkowski June 12, 2012 at 09:08 PM
Based on the public outcry resulting from the FBI's investigation / arrest of members of Democrat Donovan's inner circle, the Speaker may want to consider an alternative to "A Hunter doesn't worry me because I'm Daffy Duck" defense. It doesn't appear to be working for him. Ms. Bourke, I am not in law enforcement nor would I presume to "know their job" but I have been known to hunt, dress, and consume ducks so on this subject I have bona fides. I will stand by my assertion that there were only 41 people who "invested" $2,500 or more in the Democrat Speaker's campaign. Please address the issue, you have a choice, corruption or incompetence. Either way he is not someone the 5th should send to Congress. Is it creditable that the Democrat Speaker of the CGA, a long-time, glad-handing, community-organizer, and a bought and paid for union-man did not know everyone of these high-rolling donors by name, number, and email. Please take a look at the list and tell me it is not so. Yes he currently has not been proven guilty of corruption however by his own words he is guilty of incompetence. Based on the available information alone, the honest people of the 5th [I guess we could carve out parts of the 84 th in Meriden if we had to] should never allow Democrat Donovan anywhere near Congress never mind the Speakership of the CGA. The Holder Justice Departments does not exactly fill me with confidence - certainly not before the election. By the way Ms Bourke which local do you belong to?


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