Farmington Has Highest Percentage of Pistol Permits in the Valley

According to data collected by the New Haven Register, smaller Conn. towns have the highest percentages of pistol permits but it's not clear that applications have increased in town since the Newtown shootings.

Farmington Valley residents are less likely to possess a pistol permit than residents of less populated towns in the state of Connecticut, but of those, Farmington residents are at the high end of the spectrum.

According to a list of pistol permits by town, compiled by the New Haven Register, 4.8 percent of Farmington residents have a pistol permit. That's 1,225 permits in the town. 

And it's not clear whether permit applications have increased in town since the Newtown shootings, which seem to have triggered a spike across the country. Farmington Police have issued 26 permits since the shooting in December 2012. During the same time period last year, police issued just 13 but the year before issued 22. The department received 29 applications since December.

Neighboring towns have slightly fewer permits. Avon has the lowest percentage of permits in the Farmington Valley with only 3.7 percent of residents possessing a permit and Simsbury was the second lowest at 3.9 percent.

There are 663 residents with permits in Avon and 914 in Simsbury.

Granby has the highest percentage of residents with pistol permits in the area at 6 percent, or 676 permits, according to the list.

View the complete list and an interactive map on the New Haven Register website.


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