Kyem Apologizes for CCSU Halloween Costume Mishap, Says No Harm Intended

The 21-year-old was still wearing his costume after a weekend off campus and said he never intended to cause the fear and confusion that led to Monday’s lockdown at Central Connecticut State University.

Surveillance photos of David Kyem. (Credit: CCSU)
Surveillance photos of David Kyem. (Credit: CCSU)
By Jason Vallee

Walking from Stanley Street to his dorm at James Hall at Central Connecticut State University, David Kyem said he never anticipated his trip back to the dorm would cause a stir that led to the school going into lockdown for nearly three hours Monday. 

Fresh after being released by police, Kyem apologized to everyone in a public statementaccording to reports from the Hartford Courant on Tuesday.

"I'm sorry for all the commotion and the fear and the confusion," Kyem, 21, a senior from Newington, told Courant reporters. "I'm sorry for any problems. It's obviously a big misunderstanding."

Kyem is facing a charge of breach of peace after the Monday incident, which started around noon when witnesses reported a man with a samurai sword and possibly a gun heading towards the dorms, according to New Britain Police Chief James Wardwell.

Surveillance pictures of the incident released Tuesday show he was wearing camouflage pants, a tactical vest and hood, mask and a plastic sword and handgun. Kyem told officers he had gone to the University of Connecticut for the weekend and a friend dropped him off in New Britain where he caught the bus to campus. 

The costume was supposed to look like “Snake Eyes,” a character from G.I. Joe.

He told police, according to reports, that he never intended to cause alarm or shock anyone with the costume. He said after about an hour, friends alerted him that police may be looking for him, according to the report. 

The incident forced the university, as well as two area elementary schools, into lockdown for about three hours on Monday. 

Kyem was leaving his room after changing and was in the hall when police arrived. He and two roommates were taken into custody. The roommates, whose names were not released, were not charged in the incident.

His mother, Olivia Kyem, told the Courant Monday night that it was all a misunderstanding and he never intended to cause any sort of issue.

"I know my son very, very well," she said. "It's a big misunderstanding."

What's your take? Was it an inappropriate time for him to be wearing the costume? Was the situation blown out or proportion? 


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