Parade Goers Jam the Streets of Collinsville

19th annual Collinsville Halloween Parade held Saturday night.

Energy was high for the 19th Annual Collinsville Halloween Parade Saturday night, especially after the event was canceled last year due to the snowstorm. 

The parade had a little added excitement when the town of Canton Volunteer Fire and EMS Department responded to a small oven fire at LaSalle Market just as it was about to begin. 

Many parade attendees initially thought the department was part of the parade. After a short delay, the event resumed. 

The parade is run by the Collinsville Artists Initiative and includes a march around downtown Collinsville, dance performances, costume judging, candy throwing, live drumming and much more. 

More photos can be found at the event's facebook page

Readers are also welcome to add their own photos by clicking the upload button under the existing ones. 


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