Avon Doctor Charged with Sexually Assaulting Patients

Police arrested Khosro Pourkavoos on Wednesday.

Credit: Jessie Sawyer
Credit: Jessie Sawyer
An Avon doctor was arrested Wednesday and charged with sexually assaulting at least two of his patients, and police say there may be more victims. 

Avon police arrested Khosro Pourkavoos, 51, of 18 Terrace Drive, Avon, on Jan. 22 on two warrants. In one case, Pourkavoos is charged with second-degree sexual assault, a Class C felony, and fourth-degree sexual assault, a Class A misdemeanor. In the second case involving a different patient, he is charged with two counts of fourth-degree sexual assault.

Pourkavoos is licensed in Connecticut as a family medicine physician. His medical practice is located at 35 Nod Road in Avon. 

Avon police launched an investigation into Pourkavoos after a woman filed a complaint that her doctor had sexually assaulted her during medical office visits. During the subsequent investigation, police identified "other potential female patients" of Pourkavoos whom he may have sexually assaulted, according to a news release from the Avon Police Department. 

Police located a second victim through information about her they found online. The woman provided police with a "sworn statement" alleging Pourkavoos sexually assaulted her during doctor's appointments, police said.

Both alleged victims are "of age," police said. Police have not made contact with any other victims at this time.

The court set Pourkavoos' bond at $150,000 — $75,000 for each case — and he was released after posting it. Pourkavoos is scheduled to appear in court on Feb. 5.
Liz Papa January 25, 2014 at 03:27 PM
I am devastated at the allegations against Dr. Pourkavoos. I have nothing but the utmost respect for my Doctor. Dr. Pourkavoos has been our Doctor Since he opened his practice in Avon. On top of being a stellar Doctor, for any number of ailments we have visited him for, Dr. Pourkavoos has Literally saved my life on 2 separate occasions, once diagnosing a blood clot, and sending directly to St.Frances. which resulted in a weeks stay, then he monitored the Heprin needles and Coumadin I was sent home with from the hospital as well as constant blood monitoring levels with the Coumadin. The second time, realizing I was having a deadly reaction to a med "Lamictol" (prescribed by my another Dr.) and sent me directly to hospital with an order stating I was having a deadly reaction, and to admit immediately. Another 10 day hospital stay. Dr. Pourkavoos, Never takes a "wait and see" attitude. I have recommended numerous friends to Dr. Pourkavoos as well. I trust him with my life, and if he is not allowed to continue his practice, it will be a devastation to our community. I do not believe the allegations for one second. I am appalled it was picked up by AP! I trust you will successfully fight these allegations, and hopefully restore the reputation of my Doctor. This will by no means stop me from visiting Dr. Pourkavoos for any of my medical needs. But I'm sure the pain this has caused him and his Family can only be catastrophic ! Please extend my thoughts and prayers , if appropriate to Dr. Pourkavoos . Thank you for taking time to read this. L.Papa


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