16 Lowest Mill Rates in Connecticut

Towns big and small make our list of the lowest mill rates in the state.

Graphic: Aaron Boyd
Graphic: Aaron Boyd
By Aaron Boyd

The slideshow above counts down the 16 lowest mill rates in Connecticut — the towns with the lowest property tax rates, if not the lowest property values.

For instance, while many of the lowest mill rates were from smaller towns, larger suburbs like Greenwich and New Canaan also make the list. Property values are higher on average in those towns, leading to larger grand lists and lower mill rates.

(Property taxes are calculated as the number of mills for every $1,000 of assessed value. A home in No. 2 Greenwich valued at $500,000 has a property tax bill of $5,337.50; a home of the same value in No. 15 Bridgewater has a bill of $8,750.)

The list does not include boroughs, fire or special tax districts in the mill rates.

Next week: 16 Highest Mill Rates in Connecticut


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