Can You Help Make a Prom Dream Come True?

Do you have a gown or semi-formal dress or tuxedo in the closet you never wear anymore? Junior and senior prom can cost nearly $1,000. Many can't begin to afford it.


More kids than you know that would love to go to their junior or senior prom cannot. Why? They can't afford it. A prom dress, tux rental, shoes, hair, makeup, and flowers it’s not cheap. In fact, it’s downright expensive. According to Money magazine, try around $1,000 for the whole kit-and-caboodle. Sure, there are shortcuts; but there’s no shortcut for a gown or tuxedo.

Montville Senior and Social Service director Kathleen Doherty-Peck and assistant Robin Washington started a program last year where kids that were both in need and worked hard were nominated by teachers at Montville High School to receive a donated dress or tuxedo. It was a beginning.

“It meant a lot,” Doherty-Peck said of the few students that were outfitted for prom.

But it can’t happen without donations.

So here’s the ask:

Do you have a gently worn formal or semi-formal dress or gown in the back of the closet? Is there a tuxedo inside a garment bag that’s never been worn since …? What about shoes?  A bag or clutch? Maybe even some costume jewelry? If you’ve answered yes, perhaps you’d consider donating to social service for a deserving kid?

Also needed are monetary donations for things like hair, makeup, and flowers. And, merchants that provide those services could donate as well! Perhaps even a limo ride that could be raffled!

If you can help make a prom night dram come true for a Montville High School junior or senior that might otherwise not be able to afford this important (for many) night, please do.

Donations can be brought to Doherty-Pack and Washington at either the Senior Center or the social services building. The former is at 12 Maple Avenue and the hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and social services is now in the Old Town Hall building (gray back door) and donations can be brought between 9:30 and 4. And if these times and/or locations are not convenient; call Doherty-Peck at 860-848-0422 or Washington at 860-848-8820 to make other arrangements.

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