Connecticut Conference of Municipalities: Towns Too Dependent on Local Taxes

State aid to towns has remained flat in the last five years, the lobbying group for towns says.

Connecticut’s 169 municipalities have gotten little increased financial help from the state in the last five years and remain overly dependent on state aid, the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities says.

CCM, the main lobbying group for local communities, released a bulletin Monday to candidates for the state’s General Assembly urging them to make education funding a priority in the coming year, according to the Connecticut Mirror.

State aid for towns stands at about $3 billion per year, while Connecticut’s 169 towns collectively raise about $9 billion annually from local property taxes, James Finley, CCM’s executive director, told the Mirror. State aid to towns has remained relatively flat over the last five years. When you factor in the rate of inflation, that means towns have actually lost financial ground during that five-year period, Finley added.

The state aid figures represent an over-dependence by towns on local property taxes, something the General Assembly should address by closing shortfalls in education funding to towns, Finley said.

"The key to property tax relief is education finance reform," Finley told the Mirror. "The overdependence on the property tax is unsustainable, and hometown Connecticut is in desperate need of revenue assistance."

Paul Chotkowski September 27, 2012 at 03:42 PM
It is time for CT’s municipalities to stop playing at being Oliver - stop asking for more! You've been suckered into the typical Progressive / Socialist paradigm - more taxes, debt, spending, & government control. The benevolent State knows best & if the citizens would just fund the programs, rules, and restrictions that the educated elites have deemed necessary, the State could move the American Social Contract FORWARD towards a socially just Marxist Utopia where there is collective salvation or at least collective misery. So pay up, shut up, sit down & do as you are told by your betters! Instead of asking for more money how about saying “Thank you no thank you and while you are at it, keep your mandates. If you take the King’s shilling you do the King’s bidding”. To stretch the analogy just a bit further hopefully without breaking, It is time that the municipalities of CT recall Ralph Rose’s immortal words & apply them to our historic local rights. Our right to order our local affairs as we see fit “dips to no earthly king”. Keep your money and your mandates! If the city of Hartford can’t manage its finances and its schools don’t ask me and my town to pay for their malfeasance! If you want to engineer the new Socialist Man / Woman / TG knock yourself out just don’t ask me to pay for it. SHAME ON THE CCM! You are too dependent on State and Federal funds! Cowboy up and do your job without asking for charity from others or resign in disgrace!
Betty October 02, 2012 at 07:59 PM
Yes they are too high, and it is our fault for being so anti-business. Connecticut was ranked number 44, up from 45 of all the 50 states for being business-friendliness. Wake up people!


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