Farmington's Blight List in Pictures

The Town Council recently approved the new blight list.

Farmington's blight ordinance allows the town some incentive to prevent properties from becoming blighted and some power to convince property owners to clean them up if they do.

First, Farmington's blight ordinance, found in Chapter 88, Blighted Buildings, of the Code of the Town of Farmington, only applies to vacant properites - both commercial and residential - in town. The town manager is responsible for recommending the list, while the Town Council approves it.

The code allows for the town manager, or her designee, to enforce the ordinance by inspecting the property and levying fines against the property owner if he or she refuses to cooperate.

A property owner may choose to appeal the fines within a short period of time and request a hearing with an impartial hearing officer. The hearing officer will make the determination whether the property owner is liable for the fines. If yes, the fines are due and if the fines aren't paid, then a lein is placed on the property.

Language from the ordinance:

§ 88-1. Purpose. It is hereby found and declared that there exists within the Town of Farmington a number of taxable and tax-exempt real properties which contain vacant blighted buildings. It is further found that the existence of these vacant blighted buildings adversely affects property values within the Town and threatens the health, safety and general welfare of its residents. http://ecode360.com/7270676 - 7270678


*Note: 184 Talcott Notch Road and 3 Prattling Pond Road were added to the Blight List. Pictures of those properties will be added to this story Tuesday morning.

Paul Chotkowski February 26, 2013 at 03:00 PM
Ms McCallum thanks for the update to you earlier post [and the pictures]. Most informative. A far shorter list than I feared. Hopefully it stays that way. Thanks again for the update.


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