Farmington Trails Conversation Tonight

Town sponsoring event to gather public input on local trails.

The Town of Farmington will sponsor a community conversation concerning trails in Farmington. This event will be held today, Oct. 3 at 7 p.m. at the Farmington Community and Senior Center, 321 New Britain Ave., Unionville. The scope of the conversation will include all trails, public and private, in Farmington that are used for hiking, biking and pedestrian traffic excluding sidewalks.

The program will begin with a presentation by Russ Arnold, Farmington’s Director of Public Works, which will detail our current inventory of trails as well as discuss plans for expansion and improvement. Questions and comments will be welcome throughout the presentation.

While one goal of the evening will be to raise awareness of the Town’s current trails along with plans to expand them, another goal is to listen to residents concerning their thoughts on trail expansion and development. Everyone with ideas about new trails is encouraged to attend and to place their ideas on the table.

Another topic will be trail maintenance. Who has responsibility for the maintenance of various trails and what level of attention is appropriate? Current maintenance plans will be discussed and the Town welcomes comments, general and specific, concerning the state of our trails.

Lastly, the public’s role regarding trails will be considered. Are volunteers welcome to help trail maintenance? Do trails need volunteer steward? How can individuals participate in trail planning? These and other questions will be explored.

For any Farmington resident who hikes, bikes or walks, this evening is a must. This is an opportunity to learn about Farmington’s trails, to comment on your experiences with the trails, and to provide your thoughts about their future.

For more on this event see this earlier article.

Sierra Blue October 03, 2012 at 07:38 PM
I think there a lot of bikers who are unfamiliar with state laws regarding bicycles and they should read them. You must have an audible signal on your bike. Your lane is on the right WITH traffic, etc etc
brendan b. October 04, 2012 at 06:21 PM
Overall it was a fairly informative meeting and a pretty nice turnout. A lot of the night had to do with the rails to trails but some interesting information about additional foot paths that many didnt know about. Future ideas were nice to hear as well. The night's presentation should be on the town website soon, from what we were told.


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