From the Town: Storm Clean-Up Information

Residents should stay home, make sure to clear snow from fire hydrants, mail boxes, vents and check.

The Town of Farmington is fully prepared to continue to address storm Charlotte as it begins to move out of the state.   As we continue our clean up of this storm please keep the following points in mind:

  • Farmington has a tremendous amount of snow to clean up and your patience is needed as we continue to dig out. We do not often see this amount of snow and we are working around the clock to make roads passable and safe for travelers.
  • Residents are encouraged to remain home and off the roads so that our crews can plow as quickly as possible.
  • Do not clean snow from your property into the street.
  • While shoveling your snow please don’t over exert yourself and take frequent breaks and rest.
  • Please clear the snow around fire hydrants so the Fire Department can access them in an emergency.
  • If your mail box is covered by snow please clear any street address from it for the easier location of your property by emergency crews.
  • Clear out any heating and appliance vents that are located on the side of your home to prevent Carbon Monoxide build up.
  • Check on your neighbors, especially the elderly.

There is a parking ban in effect on all Town of Farmington roads until further notice.  Violators will be fined and towed.  Please stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary.  Give town road maintenance crews the time and space they need to clear the roadways, making them safe for emergency crews and motorists. 

We have partially activated the Town of Farmington’s Emergency Operations Center allowing us to monitor the storm’s progress and manage any impact it will have on town operations and residents. 


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