Larson, Esty to Host Forum at the Library

U.S. representatives will be at the Farmington Library tonight; public is welcome.

This evening Congressman John Larson and Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty will host a forum on election reform at the Farmington Library between 5:30 and 7:30 p.m.

Larson is chairman of the Task Force on Election Reform, which reintroduced legislation in 2013 aimed at limiting the influence of wealthy donors on the electoral process. 

Four members of the task force reintroduced the Empowering Citizens Act, the Grassroots Democracy Act and the Fair Elections Now Act.

Esty and Larson will be joined by Connecticut Secretary of the State Denise Merrill, Nick Nyhart, president of the pro-campaign reform non-profit Public Campaign and Karen Hobert Flynn, senior vice president at Common Cause, a nonprofit organization working for accountable government.

“Currently, corporations and special interests have the ability to spend unlimited amounts of money without disclosure to try and influence our government,” a press release from Larson says. 

The speakers will discuss the issues surrounding the election reform and explain what actions Congress has taken.

The public is welcome to join the forum and ask questions. 

Paul Chotkowski March 26, 2013 at 04:20 PM
Why is Animal Farm almost never used in indoctrination sessions any more, oops should have said taught in public schools? Isn't it still true that not all speech is equal, some speech is freer than others? If the speech was purchased using the coercive power of the state to extorted money from citizens who are forced to join unions, pay dues & in favor of Democrat Party candidates, then it is good speech. If individuals freely join in association [think de Tocqueville], invest their money to make a profit, & then in association advocate for their “collective” interests, that is bad speech & hopefully soon to be “infringed” speech - Citizens United be damned! This Cabal doesn't even pretend to care about fair elections, they simply want to limit speech! Real election reform would look like this 1) Independent audit of all voter roles before every election 2) Require re-register every 10 years [like the DMV], 3) HSA level proof of citizenship at registration & identity at the polls, 4) Audit of all absentee ballots 5) Printed receipts with unique ID numbers for each vote cast with full audit capability & lastly that oldie but a goodie no photocopies ballots [Sorry Gov]. Without real reforms we should just go with one box for the Party’s candidate & one that says “All expense paid cruise” preferably on the resurrected MS St Louise [or we could reopen Manzanar as a “Re Education Resort” I hear that a lot of your Comrades in the Khmer Rouge are looking for work!]
Kaitlin Glanzer March 26, 2013 at 08:00 PM
Please note - the meeting will be held at the Farmington Library NOT the Town Hall.
Batiste Zgombickq April 04, 2013 at 01:47 PM
The biggest election reform we need is TERM LIMITS. Our founding fathers never intended public service to become a life long career. If the president is limited to two terms, so should every other office in government, from the Federal level to the State level. I'm tired of hearing from people who have not held a job in decades how government should work or what we "the people" need. Let them hold real jobs, pay their own bills, balance their own real world budgets, serve a term or two then GO HOME.


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