Officials Share Impassioned Support for Demicco at Headquarters Opening

DTC office will be home to volunteers working to get Esty, Murphy, Demicco elected.

The Farmington Democratic Town Committee opened its headquarters at 333 Scott Swamp Road Thursday evening, focusing on its real task at hand – getting Mike Demicco elected state representative in Farmington’s 21st House District.

State Sen. Terry Gerratana, former state Rep. Demetrios Giannaros, Bill Curry and about two dozen local Democrats joined Demicco at the opening, offering high praise of the candidate’s integrity and dedication to fairness.

Giannaros began, calling Demicco “a wonderful human being.”

“Mike is Farmington’s best. What I love about Mike is that he’s not afraid to fight for the town, the community and next year, the state. He’s honest, hardworking and a pure Democrat all the way… he won’t do what’s politically convenient, but what’s right,” Giannaros said.

Gerratana said she had never known anyone as honest and hardworking as Demicco.

“He makes us proud to say we’re Democrats. He embodies the hard work and the morals we have in our party. But it goes way beyond ‘this is our party, this is our candidate.’ This is a special man,” Gerratana said, encouraging her audience to make calls for Demicco. “To work for his campaign would be an honor. I will come and do some calling.”

Pragmatically, Mike Daly told the group that Farmington needs a Democrat to represent it in the Democratically-controlled House.

“We lose out because we don’t have that. We have a Democratic majority but no representative to take advantage of it,” Daly said.

Bill Curry, former state senator and comptroller, echoed sentiments about Demicco’s character, calling him “judicious, fair and compassionate,” and saying he had distinguished himself as a leader on ethics – an issue he said greatly influenced funding and taxes.

“Mike’s taken the lead on ethics and this is a great issue of our time. Influence peddling grabs hundreds of millions of dollars out of federal budgets, out of state budgets and municipal budgets,” Curry said.

A representative from the Chris Murphy campaign said they’re thinking of this as the “one vote race,” and that volunteers would be calling on behalf of Demicco, state representative candidate Elizabeth Esty and Murphy.

The roomy old house will be open to any volunteers interesting in donating their time. 


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