State, Local Dems Cheer Demicco Candidacy

Argue the country needs Democratic leadership to get turned around.

Several high-ranking Democrats left Hartford Thursday afternoon to join the Farmington Democratic Town Committee’s kick off of the fall campaign season and, in particular, Mike Demicco’s campaign for the 21st House District seat.

Demicco, who has served several terms on the Farmington Town Council and lost a 2010 bid for the 21st District seat by 41 votes to Republican Bill Wadsworth, is a beloved member of the Democratic community.

“I’ve known Mike Demicco and Brenda for 20 years… we attended their wedding,” began Farmington and West Hartford state Rep. Brian Becker. “I love this town committee because I sense the love you have for Mike like I do.”

A concerted effort to get the word out about Demicco to local voters will ensure “folks in Farmington will fall in love with him too and elect him the next representative from the 21st district,” Becker said.

“Those of us who see him at the Capitol know he understands the process and issues like education that are crucial to the future. He’s the kind we need – who can speak out and get the attention of the House of Representatives and the Senate. He has the ability to do it,” said Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman, joking that she would knock on doors for Demicco in her high heels.

Aside from their personal affection for Demicco, many said the November election is critical to ensuring the country heads in the right direction.

“This year, we’re going to turn this thing around. The 41 votes [Demicco lost by in 2010] – forget it. We’re going to get 1,000 more votes for Mike Demicco. We’ve got a great ticket with our president at the top… down to the bottom of the ticket. I know we’re going to take this seat back,” Wyman said. 

Secretary of the State Denise Merrill, sporting a “Mike Demicco” sticker, agreed. 

“It’s Mike’s year because he came so close last time. People know the values of our country are at stake. I know we say that every year but this year is really scary… There are two very different directions the country could go,” Merrill said.

And apathy, she said, could be the party’s largest opponent, in the 21st District and in every race on the November ballot. 

“People are upset. I’m afraid they won’t vote because they believe their vote doesn’t count.”

Demicco, a stickler for defending what he thinks is right, also urged voters to come out for the election.

“Don’t let them say that we’re all the same. We’re not all the same,” Demicco said.

Not only that, but the negativity of campaign ads fueled by super PACS, has made it difficult for voters to determine what’s true, she said.

Fifth Congressional District candidate Elizabeth Esty warned of the same thing.

“We’re paralyzed in Washington,” said Attorney General George Jepsen. “Their only agenda is to defer Barack Obama and impose a right-wing agenda on us. The stakes never have been higher. We need to elect a Democrat in this town.”

In speaking, Rob Huelin, Farmington Democratic Town Committee Chairman summarized Demicco this way: “He can’t solve all the worlds’ problems but he will be sure to try his damnedest.”

Paul Chotkowski August 13, 2012 at 05:04 PM
Mr White what is tax fairness? At what point is enough enough? Just curious? Can you give me a number that you are willing to live within? Because from where I sit Progressives / Socialists oops Liberal Democrats appear to want it all. They are in favor of extensive government control of the economy, one where élites make decisions concerning the allocation of resources. They are aligned with the communist / socialist philosophy that private property and market allocation are bad and that only thru central planning and State control of the economy can social justice and equality of outcome be achieved. Their goal is radical economic egalitarianism brought about through progressive taxation, income and property redistribution, and subornation of individual life, liberty, and happiness to the collective good. So Comrade Citizens should sit down, shut up, and let their betters tell them what’s best and forget about that pesky “charter of negative liberties” - the Constitution. American adherents of this approach have given up striving for “Radical Revolution” and now works for “Progressive Change”. So if you want credibility, a rational discussion, or compromise concerning taxes, you will need to be very clear concerning when ENOUGH is ENOUGH! According to the White House you are already spending 54% more than you are taking in that’s a 1.327 TRILLION DOLLAR DEFICIT in 2012! Ms. Enough is truly Enough!
arleen kline August 13, 2012 at 08:03 PM
Mr. Chotkowski when you speak of the deficit lets give credit where credit is due. As I recall when Bill Clinton left office the country was enjoying a surplus. Bush dragged us into the red over a long long period of 8 years in office. Please don't imply that you think Obama should have fixed Bush's mess in three years.
J. Sosallter August 13, 2012 at 08:54 PM
"Of all the statistics that show how the rules are changing for middle-class Americans, here is one of the most alarming: since 1985, corporations have killed 84,350 pension plans — each of which promised secure retirement benefits to dozens or hundreds or even thousands of men and women. Corporations offer many explanations and excuses for why they are cutting down a vital safety net for Americans, but it all comes down to money. The money saved by not funding employee pensions now goes for executive salaries, dividends or some pet project of a company’s CEO. Congress went along and even compounded the betrayal by pretending that the change was in employees’ best interest... What this means is that fewer and fewer Americans will have enough money to take care of themselves in their later years. As with taxes and trade, Congress has been pivotal in granting favors to the most powerful corporations. Lawmakers have written pension rules that encourage businesses to underfund their retirement plans or switch to plans less favorable to employees. These rules deny workers the right to sue to enforce retirement promises. Lawmakers have also written bankruptcy regulations to allow corporations to scrap the health insurance coverage they promised to employees who retired early — including workers who were forced into early retirement." -excerpted from the "Betrayal of the American Dream"
J. Sosallter August 13, 2012 at 09:02 PM
"As Republicans and Democrats continue disputing who should bear the brunt of the tax burden, Barlett and Steele [authors of "Betrayal of the American Dream"] argue that America’s middle class has been decimated over the years due to policies governing not only taxes but also bank regulations, trade deficits and pension funds."
Paul Chotkowski August 13, 2012 at 09:46 PM
Ms Kline sometimes I allow myself to become frustrated with the “Blame Bush” crowd. Is blaming others an acceptable response for bad behavior in your house, at your work, in your relationships? It is not how I was raised nor how I try to live my life. I fix problems I don’t complain about them or blame other as an excuse for my failures. Let’s stipulate that Bush was a tax and spend warmongering Progressive. Now at what point if ever are you going to take responsibility for the current year’s $1.327 TR deficit or any of the forecasted future years’ deficits? begin to understand that you can not continue to spend money that you don’t have? realize that BHO budgets never balanced & never got a single vote in favor in either House from either party? & realize that people who are reportedly as smart [love to see the transcripts] as Barry and Boys are not doing it by mistake. They have an agenda. Bigger government in control of all aspects of your life, etc etc etc. Again HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH? You can’t or won’t answer the question because you know that most Americans are God fearing right of center individualist. If you told them you wanted it all so that you could engineer a socially just Utopia they would laugh you off the forum. But if you keep taxing, spending, and borrowing to give the Sheeple free stuff maybe they will vote themselves into 3rd World status and you will never have to fire a single shot to achieve your glorious revolution Comrade Blamer!


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