State Rep. Bill Wadsworth Responds to Attack Mailer

Explains 'untruths' in advertisement cite votes against faulty 'First Five' program and state budget bill.

The Re-elect Bill Wadsworth Campaign releases the following statement today in response to a negative attack mailer sent this week from challenger Mike Demicco:

“Throughout this campaign, Representative Wadsworth has focused exclusively on his experience and the strength of his legislative record for the benefit of his constituents as well as the state.  He has kept the bar high, rhetoric low, and negative communications zero.

It is with true disappointment to review the recent attack mailing from challenger Mike Demicco.  The negative and unethical mailer is dishearteningly constructed to purposefully mislead Farmington voters.  It inaccurately reflects the voting record of Representative Wadsworth and must be addressed.

“As informed officials and citizens alike understand, votes in the Legislature are rarely simple.  Mr. Demicco, as a seasonal employee of the legislature should know better,” said Jon Landry, campaign manager.  Each vote requires deep and measured research and consideration of all likely outcomes.  The bills specifically noted on the mailer proved – upon initial research and later reality – to be bad deals for Farmington citizens.  "Contrary to the claims on his mailer, Mr. Demicco is the one who would place partisan politics ahead of Farmington's economy and choose to toe the line for Governor Malloy's disastrous agenda, as evidenced by the facts," said Landry.

Specifically, PA 11-86 (The First Five program) saw over $750 million taxpayer dollars go to create comparatively few jobs.  Not one cent of program money came to Farmington, and the state as a whole lost thousands of jobs due to excessive taxes, regulations and mandates.  Picking and choosing a handful of companies to reward does little when even more companies continue to relocate out of state.  “Governor Malloy’s First Five program recently gave $115,000,000 to a hedge fund to subsidize a move from Westport to Stamford.  The president of that hedge fund earns billions of dollars each year; they do not need our hard-earned tax dollars to move a few miles down the road.  Apparently Mr. Demicco feels differently,” said Wadsworth.  Representative Wadsworth put his votes towards policies that promote lower taxes for everyone – policies that would place money in constituent pockets, and bring actual jobs to Farmington with an overall net gain in the state.

In addition, the three parts of PA 12-1 noted on the mailer as stand-alone items were, in fact, all components of the entire state budget for Fiscal Year 2012.  Votes simply did not occur on those line items, which represent only three of a total of 294 sections.  “Again, those who understand the legislative process know that legislators cannot pick and choose pieces out of budget bills, not to mention the largest budget in state history.  For all his talk about legislative experience, Mike Demicco doesn’t seem like he’s learned much during his years as a per-diem legislative staffer in Hartford,” said Wadsworth.  “As economic data irrefutably shows, the budget has hurt job creation in our state, has increased our debt burden to disastrous effect and has resulted in a downgraded Moody’s bond rating for the state.”  Of the mailer’s content, Representative Wadsworth himself notes, “I am proud of my legislative record, which has been lauded by individuals and groups on both sides of the aisle, ranging from the Sierra Club to the National Federation of Independent Businesses, and which includes casting 100% of all possible votes on the House floor.  My opponent is right in that I will vote against bills that increase taxes, don’t benefit my constituents and drive jobs and companies out of state.  As one of 39 legislators recognized by the Connecticut Business and Industry Association who voted 100% for the six pieces of legislation it considers most important for Connecticut’s business climate, my economic record is unshakably strong. 

I appreciate the opportunity to provide the facts to my constituents, and encourage anyone with questions on these or other bills to contact me directly at (860) 677-2784 or wawadsworth@comcast.net.

Submitted by Committee to Reelect Bill Wadsworth.

Mark Blore October 24, 2012 at 01:57 PM
Um - yes. Very dishonest, especially coming from a sitting council member! Mike Demicco should come out and retract this mailer and apologize for sending such misinformation. We should expect this from a Washington politician, not a representative for our local community and families.
Bob Johnson October 24, 2012 at 02:43 PM
Let’s be fair everyone, it is NOT unfair or unethical to expose someone’s voting record. Mr. Wadsworth did indeed vote against things likes programs to help small businesses and veterans. Here is the vote. It was not that hard to find on the state's website: http://www.cga.ct.gov/2012/VOTE/H/2012HV-00302-R00HB06001-HV.htm If Bill Wadsworth did not like the rest of the bill as he proclaims, he could have proposed an amendment pulling items he did like out of it and voted for those. But, he didn't. I may not be a political professional, but I do remember learning about this in college. I think the mail piece was very fair and ethical. We voters have a right to know how our Representative’s vote and it looks like Mr. Wadsworth voted with special interests and against Farmington. After reading this I am definitely NOT voting for him now. -Dr. Bob
Saul Freedman October 26, 2012 at 02:51 PM
For someone who went to college Bob, it looks like you got a little too much of the "LIBERAL" and not enough of the "ARTS EDUCATION" in liberal arts education.
Yankeelover October 28, 2012 at 05:42 PM
Dr Bob, let's be fair to everyone. You have presented your views and responses as just another voter, when in fact you have replied and posted on other blogs as the ordinary voter but always presented your Democrat agenda. You can fool some of the people some of the time.


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