The Next Fisher Farm Tenants Will Be...

Read on to learn more about the new recommended tenants of the Town Farm Road farm.

The town of Farmington is in the process of negotiating a lease with the future Fisher Farm tenants.

The town's Farm Committee, which includes some Avon officials, selected Roger and Isabelle Phillips of Hartford after a lengthy search process.

"The Farm Committee was impressed with the breadth and scope of this farmer’s background and felt that they, as a family, would bring a lot to the town," Farmington Town Council Chairman Jeff Hogan wrote in an email to Patch in July.

He also touted their "experience in organic and community farming" and passion for "educating the public about farming and organic food. "

"They also have a very good sense of the history of the property," Hogan said. "We also liked the fact that this will be a family farm and their children will be active participants in farming activity."

The Phillips family plans to operate a vegetable farm with a "Community Supported Agriculture Program," according to Farmington Town Manager Kathy Eagen. 

"The Phillips will grow vegetables, small fruit, flowers and herbs , as well as cover crops using organic methods," Eagen wrote in an email to Patch. "They have a large education component, including regular farm tours, presentations and workshops, also farm to chef events."

The farm straddles the Farmington-Avon town line along Town Farm Road/Tillotson Road, with the buildings on the Farmington portion and the current cornfields on the Avon side spanning as far as Old Farms Road.

Both towns had separate leases with the previous tenant, Ron Simmons, who occupied the town-owned land for 10 years. While the Farmington lease expired toward the beginning of the summer, Avon's agreement terminates in January. The towns chose to put the farm management out to bid rather than renew Simmons' lease. 

Avon was included in the search process and will negotiate its own lease with the Phillips family.

Eagen expects that the Farm Committee will recommend that the Town Council authorize her to sign the lease with the selected tenants at its September meeting. 
Ted Jones August 06, 2013 at 06:18 PM
I believe that the farmland is a flood plain so it can not be organic.


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