Town Council Members Set Committee, Liaison Assignments

Who to call on various issues in town.

Town Council members sometimes joke that new members are lured to the volunteer post under the premise that the job entails just one evening twice a month. It's not true. 

In addition to the three or four hours of Town Council meetings members are required to attend, Farmington councilors also serve on numerous committees and serve as liaisons to other boards. Hours and number of meetings for committees, in addition to research and other obligations vary. The Unionville Traffic Committee, for example met a few times a month at 8 a.m. for almost two years. In general, committee members meet to research an issue and make a policy recommendation to the council. 

Liaisons are responsible for attending the meetings of other governing bodies in town and reporting back to the council about their activities. The Board of Education liaison, for example, then has to attend the many school board meetings in addition to the council meetings.

In addition to helping shape policy in regards to various town issues and keeping the council informed, committee members and liaisons can also serve as a resource for residents with questions or concerns. 

Since the town has a new Town Council - elected in November, with one new member appointed in January - new committee assignments and liaisons were given at the Tuesday night meeting. 

Here's the list:

Board of Education: Patty Stoddard

CCM Representative: Nancy Nickerson

C.R.C.O.G Legislative Board: CJ Thomas

C.R.C.O.G Policy Board: Jeff Hogan, Kathy Eagen

C.R.C.O.G Transportation Board: Russ Arnold

Chamber of Commerce: Patty Stoddard

Conservation and Inland Wetlands Commission: John Vibert

Economic Development Commission: Patty Stoddard

Farm Sub-Committee: Jeff Hogan (chair), John Vibert, Patty Stoddard

Focus Group: Patty Stoddard

Greater Hartford Transportation: Kathy Eagen

Green Sub-Committee: CJ Thomas, John Vibert

Historic District Commission: Nancy Nickerson

Housing Authority: John Vibert

Human Relations Commission: Amy Suffredini

Land Acquisition Committee: Nancy Nickerson, John Vibert

Library Board: CJ Thomas

Recreation Committee: Jeff Hogan, CJ Thomas, John Vibert

Retirement Board: CJ Thomas

Stephen A. Flis Scholarship Fund: Charlie Keniston, Amy Suffredini

Town Plan & Zoning: Amy Suffredini

UCONN Committee - DOC: Amy Suffredini

UCONN Committee - Communication: Jeff Hogan, Nancy Nickerson, Amy Suffredini

Unionville Village Improvement: John Vibert, Patty Stoddard

Veterans Memorial Committee: Charlie Keniston

Water Pollution Control Authority: CJ Thomas

Bicycle Friendly Subcommittee: CJ Thomas (chair), John Vibert

Paul Chotkowski January 23, 2013 at 06:25 PM
In case you missed the fact that the government [at all levels] is too large, too expensive, and too intrusive just re-read the list above! But don't worry the CGA wants to expand UCON so they are going to take the water and you will go dry. Too powerful and now they are taking something you value. Reduce and eliminate agencies, commission, and committee's.
Cornelius (Neil) Lynch January 23, 2013 at 07:40 PM
I continue to be in awe at the amount of time and talent so many residents, as elected or appointed officials, put in to make Farmington a town of which to be proud . . . and thankful that we have them.


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