Town Manager: Crews Working on Clearing Roads by End of Day

Highway department plow crews have been working through the night but residents are still asked to stay home.

Farmington highway department crews have been going strong clearing main roads around town and will likely have side roads cleared by the end of the day, according to Town Manager Kathy Eagen. 

Plow crews worked through the night, Eagen said, and had been taking some sleep breaks this morning. But now the crews are back on the road full force and Eagen expects the roads to be in good shape by midafternoon.

“We’re asking people to stay patient. There’s a tremendous amount of snow on the roads… Emergency crews are out there and if people stay off the roads, it’s just faster for us,” she said.

Not everyone heeded that advice last night. Eagen said there were some abandoned cars around town but that thankfully, no one has been hurt.

In addition, there were a few problems with plow trucks but crews have worked through what has been a difficult situation. 

“The crews did a spectacular job. The fire department and highway department are working hand in hand to make sure they can go to any medical calls but it’s going to take some time to get all the roads clear,” she said.

For the town’s latest press release, click here.


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