Will the Federal Government Shutdown Affect Farmington?

State Sen. Terry Gerratana and the UConn Health Center weigh in as many are keeping their eye on how the shutdown will impact federal grants.

U.S. Capitol. Credit: Patch File Photo.
U.S. Capitol. Credit: Patch File Photo.
With many non-essential government employees out on furlough and several federal establishments shut down, Farmington officials and agencies are waiting to hear whether there will be any impact locally. 

The short answer is that Farmington is not currently seeing the government shutdown trickle down to the municipal level. 

The UConn Health Center has seen no immediate impact so far, but the state institution is waiting to hear whether the shutdown will affect federal funding. 

"We're diligently following what is transpiring in Washington," Jeff Small, associate vice president of research administration and finance for the UConn Health Center, said in a statement submitted to Patch. "So far our existing research is funded and moving forward. Our concerns are with what would become a growing backlog of new grant applications and the implications we would be facing with the lack of funding that could occur.

So far, none of State Sen. Terry Gerratana's constituents or Farmington agencies have contacted her to say that the shutdown directly affected them. But she said that the people she has spoken to are frustrated. 

If the government shutdown does trickle down to Farmington, any any Connecticut towns for that matter, she and others in the General Assembly are there to help their constituents. 

"We're here ready to serve," said Gerratana, a Democrat who represents Farmington, Berlin and New Britain at the state level.

Have you personally been affected by the federal government shutdown or are you out on furlough from your job? Is your agency or organization in Farmington or the area affected? Tell us your story in the comments or email Jessie.Sawyer@patch.com. 
Paul Chotkowski October 06, 2013 at 11:12 AM
Ms. Sawyer you are demonstrating your Progressive Collectivist bias, again. At least you are honest and consistent and make no effort at pretending to be objective or fair / balanced in your Patch Posts. First off why are the Sovereign taxpaying Citizens of These United States paying for federal workers and programs that are “NOT ESSENTIAL” when our current year’s spending is almost 40% greater than the sum of all taxes and fees collected? If my family tried to do that for any period of time [never mind 5 years] we would be bankrupt! I rarely have a good word for BHO’s policies, strategies, or tactics but in this one regard I offer him a big THANK YOU for finally admitting that a significant portion of the Federal Government is NOT ESSENTIAL. OUTSTANDING! Now if we could only get him to admit that a significant number of his agencies are UNCONSTITUTIONAL, we might actually get somewhere. Second you make no effort to explore the “shut down” from the perspective of the taxpayers, the multi-year lack of a budget, annual budget deficits and crippling national debt. Why is the federal government going to pay workers who are NOT WORKING! Why can’t the savings from NON ESSENTIAL workers who are NOT WORKING on their NON ESSENTIAL JOBS accrue to the benefit of the taxpayers. Why isn't every citizens' head exploding over the concept that we are going to pay NON ESSENTIAL WORKERS for NOT WORKING at their NON ESSENTIAL JOBS! Our Constitutional Democratic Republic is living on a knife’s edge. We live in a world where there are more Takers than Maker, where Takers constantly cry for the Makers to "Pay their fair share" and where Charity has become an Entitlement. Consider it an exercise in creative writing and approach a Patch Post from the Maker’s point of view, you might learn something .


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