Farmington Public Schools Foundation Chairman Honored

Lori Brantner announced she will no longer serve as nonprofit's leader.

The Farmington Board of Education recognized Farmington Public Schools Foundation’s Lori Brantner recently after the announcement that Brantner would no longer head the organization.

Brantner, who is also co-president of the Noah Wallace and West Woods PTOs, is credited with reviving the foundation, making it a valuable resource for Farmington schools and getting the word out about what it is.

The foundation, an independent nonprofit, funds innovation in the district by raising money, then awarding grants to Farmington teachers. Previous grants funded the Noah Wallace science fair, a digital new media studio at Farmington High School and in 2012, and archaeological dig at the Stanley-Whitman House.

“Lori took over leadership of the foundation at a very precarious point,” Board Chairman Mary Grace Reed said. “To say it was on life support would be generous… she did it in the most thoughtful way I’ve ever seen leadership unfold…. She did the grunt work and the visionary work at the same time… It was a joy to watch.”

Board member Meredith Trimble served as an ex-oficio member with the foundation’s board.

“Stepping into this organization in such a remarkable period of growth and energy has been inspiring,” Trimble said. “The passion, commitment, hard work and optimism all the board members have for this is just so inspiring.” 

Brantner said she was not leaving the board, rather, she was taking a back seat.

 “This has been one of the most rewarding volunteer opportunities. We all came from different areas. The board didn’t know each other when we started – even [Superintendent] Kathy [Greider] was brand new. We all came together because we believed in the cause,” Brantner said.

In addition to rebranding the foundation and hosting the incredibly popular adult spelling bee in 2012, Greider said Brantner helped the community understand what the foundation does.

Brantner said that while the new positions had not yet been voted on, many of the same faces would serve on the foundation’s executive board in the coming year.

The foundation has given $95,000 to fund numerous programs and opportunities since 1995 in various curriculum areas, according to a proclamation from the board. It has give teachers the opportunity to advance learning and students to explore potential career options.

For more information about the Farmington Public Schools Foundation, click here


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