How Did Farmington Students Fare on the SAT?

The College Board has released the 2013 SAT results.

By Jessie Sawyer and John Fitts

The College Board has released the 2013 SAT results and Farmington administrators are pleased with the results. 

"The achievement increases across all sections of the SAT reflect the collective efforts of our students, faculty and parents as well as Farmington's rigorous academic programming," Superintendent Kathleen Greider wrote in an email to Patch.

Farmington's 2013 scores were 552 in critical reading, 571 in math and 555 in writing.

"In 2013, we experienced our highest outcomes on the math section of the SAT as compared to previous years," Greider said. "In addition, achievement increases were realized in the reading and writing sections of the SAT."

Farmington's scores overall were higher than the average SAT scores statewide. Connecticut public school students' scores averaged 499 for critical reading 504 for writing and 503 for math. 

Greider said that Farmington school officials are in the process of reviewing the results. 

"As with all of our achievement outcomes, we are carefully analyzing the SAT results and we plan to present our College Board Testing report at the October 7 Board of Education meeting," Greider said.

The school board meeting on Oct. 7 is scheduled to be held at Irving A. Robbins Middle School. 

See more on the statewide results at by clicking on the link provided. 


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