Union School Parents Clap Students into First Day

Farmington Public Schools went back to school Monday, Aug. 26.

As Union School students new and old lined up for their first day of classes Monday, so did the parents to applaud each class as they entered the elementary school in celebration of the new school year.

The clap in ceremony is an annual tradition. As school began Aug. 26, it was the last first day for the fourth grade students and many kindergartners and new students experienced their first time being clapped into classes.

"Welcome new books and welcome new pencils and welcome just being new. I love the new year," Union School Principal Lynn Katz said. 

She told the kindergarten to fourth grade students that the theme of the year is being "very curious learners."

"Another way of saying curious, a big word, is inquisitive," Katz told the students. "People who are curious and inquisitive ask lots of questions. And I know you are coming to school with a zillion questions and we want you to ask them because that's what good learners do. They wonder. They're inquisitive. So, I want you to think. What are you most inquisitive about?"

Two student volunteers said they were most inquisitive about their family history and motor engines. 

After the students discussed amongst themselves what they are inquisitive about and sang "Grand Old Flag," the classes marches in one by one.

And so the school year begins!

Did you take any photos or videos on the first day of school in Farmington schools? We'd love to see them, so please consider posting them in our community boards under Around Town to help us share them with your neighbors. 


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