Lies, Damned Lies, and the Progressive / Collectivist narrative

Lies, Damned Lies, and the Progressive / Collectivist narrative.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I am not a fan of MSNBC or the Ed Schultz Show [never seen anyone get demoted to the weekends and try so hard to sell it as a promotion, I digress already]. But, I watch it occasionally when I need to remind myself just how rabid one gets after drinking the Collectivist Kool Aid. Detroit's bankruptcy has the left and their union cronies in a tizzy. They know that many more cities [did anyone say California] are on the same trajectory. They are frightened that a Federal Bankruptcy Judge could undo most of what they schemed for since FDR [oops should have said bargained collectively for their captive, dues paying members with the very same politicians whose campaigns they finance]. And worst, unless the Democrats recapture the House of Representatives in 2014, it is going to be very difficult to get the federal government to pay for Detroit's failure and keep the outrageous pensions and benefits flowing to their members, difficult but possible, much to the shame of the Republican Party.


The Collectivist position on Detriot can be summed up with three quotes from Schultz:

  • “It is not the local city government as the fault of what is happening in Detroit.”
  • “Detroit [bankruptcy] is the result of Republican policy”
  • “See, I think their narrative of black-on-black crime [after the Zimmerman verdict] is connected to letting Detroit go bankrupt.”

So let me translate:

  • Democrats in power in Detroit for most of the last 60 years attempted to use the coercive power of the city to re-engineer civil society.  Their goal was to create a socially just city by redistributing income from “economically advantaged” city residence and those who worked in the city, to unionized municipal workers in the form of wages, benefits, pensions, and postretirement city paid health care.  Residents were greedy, wanted to actually receive the services that they paid for and were not getting, so when the Democrat city government failed to respond to their demands for improvements they left the city. The state and federal governments did not sufficiently ramp up their redistributive efforts to make up the shortfall.
  • Whenever Progressives / Collectivist don't get what they want or when they get what they want and it dose not work, it is the fault of the "OTHER".  The politics of division requires that the "VICTIM" is disadvantaged [I truly dislike that word and whenever you hear it, you should ask yourself "what specifically is it that I am doing that disadvantaged this individual?" - I find the answer is almost always NOTHING], a "powerful and nefarious force" that is manipulating the victim and a "call to corrective action". In this case its black people who live in Detroit, Republicans, and more Federal spending [If we could only work Geroge Bush in there somehow].
  • And if you don't want to spend money on failed policies [see a short list of failures from an earlier post], corrupt governance, or Democrat Party money laundering schemes YOU ARE A RACIST just like Zimmerman. 

Blaming the "Other" is a two'fer!  

  • First it distracts the "Low Information" Citizen from the actual roots of Detroit's problems [which are legion].  MSNBC's Schultz "said" it was the Republican's fault so it must be so.  In this internet age, simply making the claim ensure that it will live on in the public arena.
  • And second, it sets up the narrative for the pre-2014 fight over the funding of the federal government [Continuing Resolution because heaven forbid we actually debate and pass an actual budget], see the Republicans want to turn the whole country into Detroit [the irony of that statement is profound]. What we need is more "Revenue" [Higher taxes maybe even a Carbon Tax and a National Value Added Tax aka National Sales Tax] and we can fix the problems that the Republicans have created.

Detroit is addicted to Other Peoples Money!  Its problems are tailor made for the OWS and BHO narrative that if only the "RICH" paid their FAIR SHARE we could all have lollypops and rainbows, young black men would stop shooting other young black men, young black woman would stop having babies out of wedlock [which they can not afford to raise], students would graduate high school having learned something and Detroit's would become a racially integrated shining city on the hill with residents who were no longer unemployable and functionally illiterate.

So Vote Democrat in 2014, bailout the cities and the unions [sounds a lot like CT but I digress again], and continue BHO's march forward to a socially just country where everyone is equally poor and illiterate. We can afford it, the country is only $17 Trillion in debt and has only $144 Trillion in unfunded liabilities, we can just print more money [issue more treasury debt and the FED will buy it]. What do you think gas will cost when our debt reaches $22.6 Trillion when BHO leaves office in 2017?  And the Sheeple say Baah, Baah, Baah it's a BOOY!

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